Straight Request



Straight Plus Relaxer is a no base-low sodium relaxer with a pH adjustment for straightening, moisture, and strength.


  • Very good crème conditioning relaxer
  • One strength design for medium to coarse hair
  • Low sodium & glycerin for shine and moisture
  • Two special conditioners for shine & silk
  • More sensitive to hair and scalp

 Power Smooth Relaxer is a fine blend of oils, shea butter, unique conditioners and straightening power.

  • Exceptional silkiness
  • Long lasting shine
  • Smooth like butter
  • Very gentle to hair & scalp

Stay Spritz is a non-sticky mild alcohol spritz.  Stay is enriched with panthenol that has a nice hold.  Stay allows hairstyles to last longer than usual. Stay has low alcohol to keep from drying hair, can be used for a soft hold or hard hold, and does not flake.

Vita Max is a versatile styling gel that adds shine and a light touch of moisture to the hair.  Vita Max is excellent for molding with no flakes and a superb hold and is also ideal for use for molding hair for today’s shortest hairstyles.  

Q-Silk is a light silicone base hair product that helps protect hair from the use of hot tools without leaving a sticky or greasy feel and increases hair manageability.  Q-Silk gives hair body with a soft, smooth, silky feel when hair is touched.

Strength 1000 is a powerful and effective reconstructing treatment that offers a new concept in treating very damaged hair.  Strength 1000 has a unique combination of three different proteins and light moisture gives hair strength, acid balance, protein, iron, shine, and moisture.  Strength 1000 can stop breakage immediately in most cases and repairs all bonds and replaces protein back into the hair shaft. 

Feel Smooth Q-12 has a blend of 12 of the finest and most powerful ingredients.  Together they work for a quick and deep performance leaving hair healthy, sealing in moisture, and adding strength.  Smooth Feel Q-12 is a quick corrective conditioner that begins working immediately. 

Restart MS 350 is designed exclusively to produce moisture and enhance your hair above its natural shine.  Restart 350 is a leave-in moisture treatment that penetrates quickly deep into the hair shaft, restoring moisture, resulting in slick, smooth, healthy, and shiny hair.

Restart PS 450 is a leave-in protein treatment, which is the first of its kind! This conditioner gives hair the ability of staying strong at all times, as well as providing a moisture balance.